SofTap® Permanent Makeup Course


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The duration of the course and the number of participants

The course lasts for five days and it includes  a theoretical and practical training. The course runs on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday from 9 am to 6 pm, on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm, on Wednesday starts at 9 am and finishes between 3 and 5 pm. There are only a few students in a group. (max.: 6 ).

Topics for SofTap® course:


  • eyebrow, eyeliner and lipliner makeups
  • full lip color
  • correction of previous permanent makeups
  • profusely practicing in permanent makeup, live models are at service


  • design makeups, positional techniques, tricks, forming shapes
  • general colour knowledge, colour theory, the SofTap® colour system
  • analysing skin types
  • pre and after treatments
  • consultation with the client

Starter Kit

  • colours (pigments). 15 colours (partly based on individual choice)
  • permanent makeup pens (5 pieces 12 prong needles)
  • other accessories: disinfectants, rubber gloves, pigment cups, skin marker, etc., so everything necessary for permanent makeup.

Course fee:

  • Fee of training:  € 1.000 + 27 % VAT
  • Starter Kit:  € 300 +27 % VAT
  • While you are practicing, you can use our materials without extra charge. Starter Kit is for your own business.


Those who finish the course successfully are given a certificate which enables them to use the SofTap® international trade mark all over the world.
After finishing the course we are still happy to be at your service.

Enrolling, further information please find contact information here